Truss Bridge Types; Deck, Through, Pony, Pedestrian and Vehicular Trusses

Truss Bridge Types; Deck, Through, Pony, Pedestrian and Vehicular Trusses

Truss Structures have existed since the first building roof trusses in the 6th century. These were constructed from timber materials. First timber truss bridges were constructed by Pallado in the sixteenth century. In the eighteenth century, the truss span lengths extended by making hybrid arch-truss configurations.  Besides that, in the nineteenth century, span length increases in Europe and the US by inventors required for the railroads that were sweeping across open spaces particularly starting, in the mid-eighteenth. Most importantly, in 1847, Squire Whipple patented the first combination arch-truss bridge. Squire Whipple has been called the “Father of American Bridge Building” and the Father of Iron Bridges”. Most Noteworthy, truss bridges are of three types today; Deck, Through and Pony.  A great book by Henry Petroski about bridges in the major bridges in America.
Great Bridge Builders and the Spanning of America by Henry Petroski

Navajo Bridge Deck Truss Arizona
Deck Truss Alabama

Deck Truss – Arizona Deck Truss, Alabama Deck Truss

Through Truss Alabama

Through Truss- Alabama Through Truss

Pony Truss – Utah, Tennessee, Alabama,


Pedestrian Bridges- Calgary Galitrava Pedestrian Bridge

Materials, Steel, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Concrete

Design Codes – AASHTO  Standard Specification(LFD, ASD), AASHTO LRFD, IBC, AISC ASD, LRFD, ACI(LFD, ASD)

Two force Member – Axial forced only Tension or Compression

End Conditions Assumed Pinned for analysis- Reality Doesn’t look pinned.

Gusset Plates Function – I35 Disaster